Solar Panels for Strata Schemes Supported by NSW Government

Strata schemes seeking to install solar panels have had a major win with the NSW Government passing new amendments in Parliament in February that make it easier to install renewable energy in strata complexes.

The amendments mean strata schemes now need only a simple majority of 50% to pass instead of an often-prohibitive voting threshold of 75%.

The legislative change follows commitments made by the Berejiklian Government in 2019 to remove barriers preventing strata schemes from benefitting from sustainability-related infrastructure, including solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.

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Construction Noise - NSW Noise Restrictions

Question: What Can I Do About Construction Noise!?
Answer: It depends if the noise is residential or from a construction site as there are different restrictions that apply. 

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Fire Stairs Access

Question: Can a lot owner use the fire stairs and fire isolation area for access to their terrace when carrying out renovation works? This includes access by tradespeople and the removal of building rubble.
Answer: As long as the fire stair is not obstructed and the fire doors are not chocked open

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Strata No-Smoking Bylaw

Question: We have a by-law stating residents are permitted to smoke on common property. This came about as one lot owner wanted the by-law and no-one challenged him at the time. I am strongly against the by-law and want to know how I can get this smoking bylaw changed.
Answer: The by-law may be invalid or of no force or effect to the extent that it conflicts with other smoking law.

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