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Building works that require regulated design

20 Jan 2023

Did your owners corporation follow the right procedure for building works?

Owners and committee members, please pay attention. With the commencement of the registration regime of Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020(DBPA) in July 2021, the following building works or elements will need regulated design before commencement.

  1. fire safety systems (including passive fire)

  2. waterproofing

  3. building structure

  4. building enclosure

  5. building services that are required by the Building Code of Australia.

  6. ‘Building work’ is either:

    1. construction of a new building;

    2. making alterations or additions to an existing building;

      1. or

    3. repair, renovation or protective treatment of a building.

  7. replace flammable cladding

  8. Designers who design temporary structures for class 2 buildings involving temporary shoring and ground anchors

Regulated designs will be required for all parts of a building where the building has a class 2 part. As an example, a mixed-use building with offices (class 5) and residences (class 2); or work above a class 7 carpark. Eventually, regulated designs will be required for all parts of the building including the non-class 2 parts.

Normally the regulated designs can be provided by architects or qualified engineers. Without regulated designs, the remedial contractor may refuse to take on the works or provide limited/no warranty to the works. More seriously it is a breach to DBPA and causes significant safety concern.

Rick Chang
Lic. Strata Manager