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NSW: Changeover Procedure

15 Nov 2022

In accordance with section 49 of ACT, the appointment of new manager needs to be resolved at a general meeting by ordinary resolution.

  1. Any owner can request motions about termination of current appointment and appointment of new manager to be added to the forthcoming general meeting’s agenda.
The secretary of the strata committee (or majority of the committee members) can convene a general meeting. Meeting agenda needs to be served to all the owners on strata roll with 7 clear days notice and allow 7 working days for postage. The strata committee can request the current strata manager to distribute the meeting agenda to the owners on the strata roll.
  1. After meeting, a notice should be served to the strata manager with meeting minutes (if secretary is doing the meeting minutes).

Please feel free to contact our strata management team if you have any questions in relation to the procedure.