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Tree Care over the Winter Months

18 May 2021

Tree care is a year-round job. Find out the important tree care items which need to be attended to during winter. Read more here.
Neglecting the health of your trees during the long winter months is a sure-fire way to kill off their chances of healthy growth throughout the rest of the year. Winter tree care keeps your trees strong through winter, protects them from the tough conditions and sets them up with the best chances for success for those warmer months. 
In this guide, we will take you through the best strategies for taking care of your trees in Winter. We look at why Winter is a great time to get on top of tree maintenance, plus we explore the hidden benefits of taking action while everyone else is hibernating. 


The Winter Cut 

Winter is an ideal time to get on top of your trees’ pruning schedule. A regular pruning schedule is important for keeping your tree healthy, happy, vibrant and growing strong. However, many people neglect this task with the onset of the cold climate. Our arborists say that pruning during Winter actually has a number of advantages:
Precision Pruning
First of all, without all of the excess foliage, it is far easier to be precise and accurate when pruning. The absence of leaves allows for quicker identification of healthy branch structures, which enables a tree surgeon to better navigate the tree and determine which parts should be trimmed, lopped or left. 


Reduce Risk

Pruning and lopping during Winter reduce risk in two distinct ways. Firstly it removes dead and dying branches which pose a threat to safety during high winds or storms. Secondly, pruning during winter has less chance of attracting insects with disease, bacteria or fungi that can cause nightmares for your trees and plants. Therefore winter pruning can help to make you and your trees safer. 


Promote Growth

Trimming your trees during the coldest months of the year places less stress on the tree than at other times of the year. By getting on top of your tree care in Winter, the tree has time to recover and begin growing by the time the sun is out and spring is in bloom. In addition, pruning during winter can remove the shade from your property and enable more sunlight to reach the rest of your plants. This can help the rest of your garden to weather the cold and prepare for the prosperous months. 


The Cost of Frost

While there are a number of advantages to pruning during Winter, it’s also important to put in place strategies to protect your trees from the bitter cold. Our professional arborists have plenty of experience in protecting trees from the elements. Here are their top tips:


Protect the weak

If you have young saplings, delicate trees or potted plants, get them ready for the frost. Freezing temperatures can badly damage the shoots, leaves and core of your tree, affecting their ability to grow and fight off disease. Protect these by bringing them inside if you can, or by covering them to the ground with sheets/tarps that can trap the warmth during the night. 


Mulching helps to regulate the moisture levels and temperature of the soil and your trees. Cover the base and roots of your trees with 5-10cm of fresh wood chip mulch to help them retain warmth even during the coldest parts of the month. 


Keep the fluids up

Keep watering your trees during winter, especially if there has been no rain. Young saplings should be watered every week or two while more mature trees should be watered every month or two. 
Republished courtesy of Jim’s Trees