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Cladding Replacement

30 May 2022


Cladding Replacement, Building Notice & Building Order and Building Defects 


Replacement of combustible cladding, rectification of building defects and resolving Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Building Notice and Building Order for Minor Works


Funding, coordination, investigative works, latent defects, scaffolding and access

Going Further Cash flow management, coordination of works against separate projects, seeking out expert advice at competitive pricing, detailed updates to all owners


MBCM Strata Specialists Frankston were appointed manager of the Owners Corporation (OC) in late 2018. A number of challenges were dealt with at this time, such as improving the Owners Corporation’s dire financial position and resolving a legal matter brought against the Owners Corporation by its former manager.

The first of many favourable outcomes for the OC occurred when Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) agreed to fund the cladding replacement project. The manager then consulted with the builder in relation to the defects, hoping to leverage the contractor’s expertise as well as their ability to further investigate whilst onsite.

A major defect was identified on the top storey of the building which was able to be addressed by the builder, albeit at the OC’s expense given this work fell outside the scope of the cladding replacement. The OC was able to save considerable costs, however, as scaffolding was already in place and the builder had sound knowledge of the property. At a prior Annual General Meeting a strata loan agreement had been entered into, which ensured the OC had access to the necessary funds without delay.

The challenges continued, as the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) audited the building and classified its external cladding as high risk. A further audit revealed numerous issues with the essential safety measures and a separate Building Notice and Building Order were served for this work.

In addition, the OC had become aware of various building defects – some of which were contributing to water ingress and extensive mould growth.

To address the Notice and Order related to the essential safety measures, the manager liaised with various industry professionals to determine a suitable recommendation for the committee. A professional project manager was engaged, providing the OC with a clear pathway forward.

​Despite a number of significant challenges occurring concurrently, the OC has been fortunate to address each with little, to no, major setbacks and is well on its way to becoming one of Frankston’s premier places to live.

"I have found MBCM Strata Specialists Frankston to be very proactive and helpful. They are professional and polite in all their dealings. All of our building issues have been attended to promptly and followed through to their conclusions. It is obvious that MBCM Strata Specialists Frankston have done their research and provided us with appropriately priced services. Their ability to liaise with individuals, builders, Council etc is excellent. Despite our numerous building issues MBCM Strata Specialists Frankston have organised and overseen all these major projects with aplomb. I could not be happier with their performance as we are getting on top of these issues."

Mauri, Committee Member

"I have found MBCM Strata Specialists Frankston completely on point with their management style. In the short time I have been residing at these premises I have found their professional, knowledge and efficiency extraordinary – something rarely seen these days."

Jill, Owner

"Overall we’ve found MBCM Strata Specialists Frankston to be extremely responsive and efficient, and very helpful with overall coordination. Also, very open minded for finding a solution that is mutually suited to all parties."

SJ Higgins, Builder