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The Cost of Apathy

20 Jun 2022

"I put considerable effort and time into this tender prior to being appointed. The OC advised me, after I was appointed, that I was the only company that took this initiative. When you go that extra mile, everyone wins”.

Ami Mohan, OC Manager & Director, MBCM Strata Specialists.
It’s a story heard many times in this business - the highly active committee members for a Moorabbin property had been disappointed on many levels by their previous OC Manager. Expressing lack of communication and slow response to correspondence all whilst charging a premium, as their main impetus for issuing a tender for new OC Management.
The nine members of the Committee were keen to see a difference so the Committee chair of the 40-unit complex contacted the MBCM office in Moorabbin. Ami Mohan from MBCM Strata Specialists Moorabbin, understood that the Committee was seeking better communication, however even with her proven track record this alone would not win her the contract. The Committee needed to see action and innovation and Ami was ready to step up and show them exactly what they would get by appointing her.
She got to work studying their tender and quickly recognised that the one common factor that stood out in all their communications was that they were “cost conscious.” Instead of waiting for the Committee to appoint her, Ami decided to be proactive. She requested they provide their current financials and spent hours reviewing these. Her sharp eye quickly uncovered that the Administration Fund had $95,000 worth of fixed annual expenses. Looking deeper she identified five budgeted items where she was confident she could save money and assist the OC in reducing costs.
She didn’t stop there. Ami then contacted the relevant MBCM preferred contractors, a trusted network of experienced suppliers, and requested quotations. By comparing these quotations with their current contractors, she was able to offer a net saving of $11,000 off the current OC annual expenses.  When Ami presented her assessment that she could reduce their annual expenses from $95,000 to $84,000 the OC happily appointed her as the new OC Manager, stating that she “was the only prospective OC Manager to show this kind of initiative.”
By proving her commitment before she even began Ami was able to gain the OC’s trust and then, once appointed, immediately begin implementing the changes she had identified. Ami is a good reminder why both innovation and quality are part of MBCM’s core values.