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Waste Management Solutions

28 Feb 2022

Early OC involvement is never a ‘waste’ of time!


When an award-winning Melbourne based developer was constructing one of the largest apartment complexes in the Ballarat region, they made the decision to tender for Owners Corporation [OC] management and Greg Honeyman and his team from MBCM Ballarat were brought on board as the building’s OC Manager. Greg immediately got to work reviewing the plans for the five-storey apartment complex and basement.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge and expertise, Greg quickly realised that the proposed waste management plan was not going to be achievable. The plan had allocated 1100 litre bins that were to be stored in the basement car park. However, the 1 in 4 ramp slope into the car park had a gradient that was too steep to move this type of bin up the ramp. Greg knew that there would be major safety, OHS and insurance liability implications in needing to drag these heavy bins up the ramp each week for emptying.

Not one to highlight a problem without offering a solution, Greg immediately worked through multiple scenarios in order to provide a fix to this waste management issue. He came up with a clever solution to replace the originally allocated [industrial] bins with 23 domestic bins that could be easily moved to street level using the building’s

passenger elevator. His next steps were to engage a cleaning company for the complex and for them to include moving the bins to street level as part of their weekly scope of work.

All said, Greg from MBCM’s clever solution provided during the building's construction, and well before completion, saved the developer a great deal of money, alleviated safety, OH&S, insurance and liability issues -proving that early OC involvement is not just prudent but often essential in the success of large-scale developments.


“It’s never too early to engage an OC Manager. When property developers come to me in the early stages of the building process, I’m able to truly partner with them and work with all the stakeholders, including the surveyors and designers, to ensure the development meets all expectations and regulations.”


- Greg Honeyman, MBCM Franchisee